Success Stories

 Blessings of the Heart has been fortunate to be a part of the lives of so many wonderful people. Here are some of their stories:

When the parents of a son with Autism were asked to join BOTH for a few games of bowling their response was  kind but guarded. They shared that they would like to join us but didn't believe their son would understand what was going on and that if he got out of control they would only have to leave. After they learned that was acceptable, BOTH was paying for the fees and understood if it was in the best interest of their son that they would have to leave, the parents decided to give it a try. The day was a success! The parents were astonished to see that their son and other 2 children could enjoy two games of bowling. The nest time they attended, their son knew just what to do and was excited (in a positive way) to be at the bowling ally. It took a fair bit of work to get Mike from his parent's car and into the Ahmanson Theatre to see Mary Poppins. Although Mike thoroughly enjoyed the entire show, the look on his face when he saw Mary Poppins flying over his head was priceless!One of the mother's of an autistic child shared that she felt safe, secure and insulated. They were not worrying about folks getting upset with their child's behavior and they had a wonderful family time without the stress that usually goes along with a family outing.  
BOTH has made our son's dreams come true. BOTH facilitated the purchase of a van with a wheelchair lift for our son, so that we may take him places without my wife and I lifting him from his chair to the car.

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